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Friday, January 28, 2011


kpd yg b'kenaan,

aku tau aku dah wat slh kat korg, lpas blk 2 je aku tros diam kan diri. time 2 aku x tau knp aku rase boring + sdih + ngantok..=)
tp hari brgnti hari aku rase b'salah sgt kat korg t'utama kau...sbb 2 kau blh tgk aku post kat wall aku 2 kali,aku dah sakit kan ati kau ble aku t'nmpk kau post yg kau betol2 terasa ape aku wat...
start drpd 2, ati aku asyk pkir psal bnde 2 je...dlm ati cmne la aku nak baik akn semula keadaan yg aku ah wat nie...setiap kali aku abs solat aku akn b'doa semoga Allah m'nolong aku & keadaan kembali kpd biasa...aku tau ego aku tebal sbb 2 aku x text kau lngsung @ rply text kau...agak sengal kan =P
ari kamis pagi 2 aku m'beranikan diri utk text kau...ingat kan dah ok tp blom lg...

tp esk nye happy gle sbb kau dah bg positive respond...=D
hope this still will continue 4 ever..
I REALLY WANT 2 APOLOGIZES 2 U....aku tau hanye dgn maaf kadang2 x memuaskan ati semua pihak tp aku mintak maaf sgt2 kat kau....MAAF KAN AKU YEA =) ^-^
sehingga b'jmpe lg....salam

Friday, January 14, 2011

images open a new world

      In this new era , pictures is one of the medium for us to share a moment with our family , friends or even for the whole world. Images is so powerful because it can give us information , messages , inspiration or sometimes can provoke our mind.

      Sometimes , images can open eyes for the whole world. Regarding with this image below , we can see that the World Trade Centre (WTC) was collapse after two aeroplanes colliding the building. But the question is who did it ? An American government lead by J.W Bush accuse that this was done by the muslim people and because of that Islam has been labelled as terrorist.

          The suffering a million displaced , homeless refugees was mirrored in a single pair of startling green eyes. Eventhough the images just shown a lady , but it  describe full of implicit meaning. Her name was Ainul Ghazali has became the emblem of suffering refugees all aver the world. She inspired many to volunteer for relief work. In her eyes describe the indomitable human spirit that , despite all the obstacle that crossed one's path , remain defiant and unbroken.

In conclusion , i think images was so powerful and give us a lots of imformation. Images also can connect one to each other although we are different part of the world. I believes images can change the world. =)

this my previous post..hehe 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

At last dpt gak buat blog baru...
setelah sekian lme aku lpe password blog aku =) ( sengal kan ) hahaha
firstly i want 2 thanks 2 my friends who support me and also my lecture Madam Zubaidah who teach me a lots about how 2 use this blog...hehe
mcm x de kaitan kan dgn ape yg aku ckp nie,hahahaha

btw,i most welcome....